Tyler Shields: Past the Present

Contemporary photographer Tyler Shields revisits the historic dye transfer and palladium print processes to create hyper-colored and super-saturated images on a scale never before seen.

Truth or Dare: A Reality Show

Highlighting uncertainty and contradiction, Truth or Dare emphasizes the importance of questioning both knowledge and belief by featuring artists that utilize illusion to entice, entertain, and explore the slippery terrain between fact and fiction, presence and absence, reality and imagination.

Faces of Mason

The exhibition is a celebration of residents working to create a greater sense of community in the city of Mason.


Outside/In/Inside/Out presents archived images that have documented the history of human space travel through the lens of astronauts and the Hubble telescope.

Displacement: Collective Practice to Recover Memory

Displacement: Collective Practice to Recover Memory is a site-specific multi-media installation and collaboration with artist Juan-Sí González, Rosewood Arts Centre, the City of Kettering, and area residents.

ARCHIVE [negative]

Photographer Michael Wilson led this project–a selected group exhibition of regional and national photographers with workshops designed to better understand the process of printing photographs in the darkroom.

Evidence (of a life lived)

An old child’s bank, in the guise of a safe, contains documentation and evidence of a life lived. Can the viewer find meaning from this anonymous archive of images and information to understand the time in which they were saved, from what place, and for what purpose?


Impression is an archive of photos captured during a self-reflection public installation, in which participants sat in front of a mirror and leaned in for a kiss. Artists Janet Creekmore and Ben Jason Neal collaborated on the project to explore ideas of sexuality, gender, self, cultures, and identity.

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