ARCHIVE [photo]

A competitive, international exhibition of works featuring photographic and lens-based art that in one way or another, literally or figuratively, represents the concept of archive.

Replace with Fine Art: A Response to Modern China

Replace with Fine Art includes work by contemporary Chinese and Chinese American artists Chen Wei, Liu Bolin, Chen Qiulin, Jen Liu, and Ren Hang that comments on China’s contemporary life, heritage, and modernization.

Carolyn Wagner: The Things They Kept

Featuring objects from the Second World War, The Things They Kept explores how every tear, every blemish, and every mark forms both an individual and collective narrative from our shared human history.

Joshua Kessler: Frame Rate

A series of abstract, color-driven photographs and micro-videos by Joshua Kessler serve as a meditation on how technology has so fundamentally changed the way that we consume and experience imagery.

Emily Momohara: Fruits of Labor

A photo-based installation, Fruits of Labor critically interrogates Momohara’s family’s 100-year immigration journey from plantation laborers in Japan to mainland America.

Wide Angle: Photography Out of Bounds

Recognizing photography’s central role in collage, Wide Angle includes artists who manipulate and recompose imagery to recontextualize narratives drawn from our current social, political, and cultural climate.

The Forealism Files

The Forealism Files includes artifacts of the Tribe featuring large-format “portrait” photographs of key characters, images documenting interactions and performances, video footage, character suits, live performances, and lectures.

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