Dancing in the Street: A Photo-Mural

A Camp Washington community collaboration, this mural features children from the neighborhood as life-sized photographs dancing across buildings.

Emily Momohara: Fruits of Labor

A photo-based installation, Fruits of Labor critically interrogates Momohara’s family’s 100-year immigration journey from plantation laborers in Japan to mainland America.

ARCHIVE [photo]

A competitive, international exhibition of works featuring photographic and lens-based art that in one way or another, literally or figuratively, represents the concept of archive.

Timescapes: Earth’s Open Archive

Featuring landscape reportage that illuminates our planet’s archival continuum, Timescapes captures the effects of unrelenting time and our fleeting activity within it.

Around the Corner

Visionaries and Voices is partnering with the Northside community to present large images in public spaces by artists who directly reference photographic imagery.


Reveal features five artists who investigate how the order and display of images can make previously unknown (or secret information) known to others.

The Forealism Files

The Forealism Files includes artifacts of the Tribe featuring large-format “portrait” photographs of key characters, images documenting interactions and performances, video footage, character suits, live performances, and lectures.

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