INTERMEDIO: In Place of Forgetting

In Place of Forgetting is an interactive multi-channel audio-visual installation exploring the contemporary overabundance of memory and its impact on the quality of the experiences we attempt to remember.

My Soul as I See It III

Students create a photo-based mural in Covington after learning and practicing the art of photography.

ARCHIVE [photo]

A competitive, international exhibition of works featuring photographic and lens-based art that in one way or another, literally or figuratively, represents the concept of archive.

Emily Momohara: Fruits of Labor

A photo-based installation, Fruits of Labor critically interrogates Momohara’s family’s 100-year immigration journey from plantation laborers in Japan to mainland America.

re-Adorned I Catharsis

This two-person show with Tina Gutierrez with Da’Mon Butler explores cultural memories of their respective Cuban-Appalachian and African-American heritage. Gutierrez’s photographs capture the cathartic effect of Butler’s adornments on the wearer’s projected personality.

Wide Angle: Photography Out of Bounds

Recognizing photography’s central role in collage, Wide Angle includes artists who manipulate and recompose imagery to recontextualize narratives drawn from our current social, political, and cultural climate.

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