Reinterpreting Nancy Ford Cones

Reinterpreting Nancy Ford Cones pairs her pictorialist photographs alongside smartphone photos submitted via social media that reinterpret her images.

Domus Oculi

Domus Oculi is a contemporary camera obscura viewing room—a freestanding structure using repurposed lenses from antiquated visual technologies to create a transitory archive.

INTERMEDIO: In Place of Forgetting

In Place of Forgetting is an interactive multi-channel audio-visual installation exploring the contemporary overabundance of memory and its impact on the quality of the experiences we attempt to remember.

DCI Presents Taking it to the Streets by J. Miles Wolf

Taking it to the Streets features large-scale images, displayed in downtown storefronts, of Cincinnati’s most celebrated events. This public art project is a collaboration between Downtown Cincinnati Inc. and photographer J. Miles Wolf.

My Soul as I See It III

Students create a photo-based mural in Covington after learning and practicing the art of photography.

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