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YWCA Women’s Art Gallery


September 28, 2018January 11, 2019

The YWCA Women’s Art Gallery presents Vis-Abilities, an exhibit showcasing the work of local women artists with disabilities. Featuring photographs by Amy Hayden, Emily Funk, Joselyn Navichoque-Munoz, and Cindy Vogelsong from the Visionaries and Voices artist collective and mixed media works by Ricci Michaels, a disabled Navy veteran who is legally blind. These works reflect the artists’ unique perspective and experience, and encapsulate their ongoing struggle for social inclusion and independence. In a world where what we see shapes our understanding of our world, images of and by individuals with disabilities are most notable for their absence. This exhibit empowers role models for those with disabilities and helps create a culture that accurately reflects and values all.

Featured Artists: Emily Funk, Amy Hayden, Ricci Michaels, Joselyn Navichoque-Munoz, Cindy Vogelsong

  • Amy Hayden, The Disturbed, 2018. C-print. Courtesy of the artist

  • Amy Hayden, Untitled, 2018. C-print. Courtesy of the artist

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