Domus Oculi

Domus Oculi is a contemporary camera obscura viewing room—a freestanding structure using repurposed lenses from antiquated visual technologies to create a transitory archive.

Louis Joyner: 40+, Images of Memphis

Louis Joyner’s archives of black-and-white documentary photographs taken in Memphis, Tennessee from 1968–1971 act as a visual time capsule of a by-gone era.

DCI Presents Taking it to the Streets by J. Miles Wolf

Taking it to the Streets features large-scale images, displayed in downtown storefronts, of Cincinnati’s most celebrated events. This public art project is a collaboration between Downtown Cincinnati Inc. and photographer J. Miles Wolf.

Joel Armor: #cloudingjudgements

In Clouding Judgements, artist Joel Armor examines his personal collection of cell phone photos and calls on individuals from the surrounding community to examine their own.

Wing Young Huie: We are the Other

Spanning 35 years in the career of acclaimed photographer Wing Young Huie, this exhibition collectively reflects the cultural complexities of American society.

Whitney Hubbs: Body Doubles

Body Doubles challenges the male gaze and reclaims ownership of the female body. Hubbs references nudes from art history and popular culture to manipulate how the female form is observed in her photographs.

Carolyn Wagner: The Things They Kept

Featuring objects from the Second World War, The Things They Kept explores how every tear, every blemish, and every mark forms both an individual and collective narrative from our shared human history.

Melvin Grier: Clothes Encounter

Clothes Encounter showcases seldom-seen images from Cincinnati’s fashion scene during the 1980s and 1990s, captured by award-winning former Cincinnati Post photojournalist Melvin Grier.

Joshua Kessler: Frame Rate

A series of abstract, color-driven photographs and micro-videos by Joshua Kessler serve as a meditation on how technology has so fundamentally changed the way that we consume and experience imagery.

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