Emily Momohara: Fruits of Labor

A photo-based installation, Fruits of Labor critically interrogates Momohara’s family’s 100-year immigration journey from plantation laborers in Japan to mainland America.

Jens Rosenkrantz, Jr: Small Towns and Long Views

Carefully curated from nearly 20,000 images taken since 2014 over 20,000 miles, Jens Rosenkrantz’s Small Town and Long Views documents a personal archive that marks the time and place of extraordinary travels.

The Forealism Files

The Forealism Files includes artifacts of the Tribe featuring large-format “portrait” photographs of key characters, images documenting interactions and performances, video footage, character suits, live performances, and lectures.

Chris Engman: Prospect and Refuge

This ongoing series by photographer Chris Engman is a body of work that investigates the medium of photography through complicated man-made juxtapositions. The work explores the relationship between illusion and materiality, nature and the man-made universe, and moment and memory.

Ron Geibert: Four Decades

Four Decades, a retrospective exhibition of Ron Geibert’s work includes color photography, installation, and multi-media.

Hans Gindlesberger: I’m in the Wrong Film

Hans Gindlesberger’s series of photographs confronts unfortunate realities of life in small town, post-industrial Middle America, and represents the plight of those Americans living in regions plagued by a changing identity.

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